Saddle up!

Now, my love for fitness *cough* is well- known to those close to me. They just.. know me. Therefore, most of them (and when I say most, I mean two. And when I say two, I’m essentially saying my mom…), very ‘casually’, asked me to whatsapp them the pic of the spinning bike I had recently bought.

So I sent them a pic of me on the bike. And don’t ask me how I took that photo- selfie is an art long lost to me. I have not taken a single one in the past 5 years (barring this one) if you can believe it. So anyway, the whole point of this post is that I’m LOVING spinning!

And I’ve never been happier to have been blessed by a.. er.. well-nourished posterior. It has saved me many a callus and the moolah I’d otherwise have to spend on buying padded pants! And the Chroma TV  (worth only 11k) I bought a couple of years ago at the acme of my stingy phase, has returned every paisa I spent on it, and then some. I mean, watching Comedy Central while leaking sweat like a hose-pipe is nothing short of a blessing for this non-runner.

Long winding statements aside, this is finally THE exercise I unknowingly had been waiting for, all these years. Not the treadmill, not the zumba, not even the ‘shawaasan’.. spinning is the clear winner in my case.

And now, it’s always ‘just 1 more kilometer’ or ‘just 10 more mins’ every day. And the high the 10-km mark gives me?- only tea comes close to being so euphoria-inducing!

It doesn’t matter how long it take for the pounds to melt off, I’ve finally made my peace with exercise.

I’d send you that pic too, if you were on my whatsapp.




Back. Once again.


– My hair’s 3 inches longer

– My body’s at least 6 kgs heavier

– My eye-sight is now 6/6

– I’ve started disliking my job, but liking this Bangalore city (finally)

– About 150 people on my Facebook friend-list have either gotten engaged, or married, or become parents (many- all three)

– I’ve lost a lot of friends due to my basic ‘lazy’ nature of not keeping in touch. AND, gained some new in turn due to my general likeability (ahem)

– That’s it

Yes, that’s it. Nothing else seems to have changed/improved in my life in the last 2 and half years of my disappearance from the blogosphere (Except one, which is too secret and rather painful to write down just yet, so I’ll pretend it never happened).

Now that I’m back (let’s see for how long this time), I must confess the first thing I realized was how incredibly depressing my blog theme was! Misty Look my foot, it just looked like a suicide point from where I’m sitting. Now now, it’s not like I’m back to being ‘happy and shiny’ (thanks, Grey’s Anatomy) like I used to be a few years ago, but man am I a mule! Really stubborn to wanting to be happy and shiny and hence, this promise to you my dear readers (all 0 of you), that this blog will never see another ‘heavy’ and preachy and emo post ever again.

This is me just warming up. I’ll be back soon.

Your Memory Remains..

One of my dearest friends passed away today, Oct 21, 2009, in a bike accident. A part of me died with him. I’m just letting words pour out the way these tears are pouring..

Here’s a final ode to you dearest one, from your Shu.


It’s almost funny how we met the first time

I’d spotted you in a hall-full of crowd

And yes, I’d seen only a pic of your on Orkut before

You were so shocked to know, and I was so proud!


Remember when you fell ill in Mysore?

I’d given you a chocolate to make you feel better

You gave me that trademark blank look and didn’t even share

But it’s ok, since you gave a lot more chocs later


And remember all those bike rides in Pune?

I was your permanent pillion

Even though you scared me with your driving skills at times

Sitting on your bike was always fun


You had such faith in me, it was incredible

You let me drive your bike even when I didn’t know how to

And you told me never to tell your other best friend D

‘Cause when he wanted to touch your bike, he’d not been allowed to


You remember that meal you cooked me that Diwali?

It was awesome, and I was jealous you were the better cook

And all those times you beat me in Boggle?

I wanted to tear off those pages right off the notebook


You won, I lost

You won, I lost

The Diwali Meal you cooked

The Diwali Meal you cooked


Then one day you gave away your dearest possession

Your Boggle set, to me on my birthday

I hated you then for it

And I hate you for it even today


Your boggle.. now safe with me

Your boggle.. now safe with me

And then things fell apart, our lives changed

I left ’cause I had to

But every time I pretended not to care

I was only wishing the best for you


Every time you asked me, ‘Are you alright, Shu?’

I’d think, What’s your problem, just let me be!

But you wouldn’t,  and would pester me to share my sorrows with you

Come back now, I’m so sad today.. can’t you see?


Can’t you see from up there? Please come back now, Vishnu…

I miss you so much 😥


The sun rises in the.. West..sorry.. East!

Q) Where might one need a compass? Your options are:
a> In a desert,
b> In a jungle,
c> On sea,
d> In a city they’ve lived in for more than 6 years,
e> a,b,c
f> a,b,c,d.

If you have a decent IQ, I’m guessing you’d have picked e. I pick f. No, it hasn’t got anything to do my IQ(which is pretty decent btw. In case you’re not convinced, read all my entries from start to end. Or not.), but the simple fact is that I’m as lost in a jungle as I’m in this city where I’ve spent years together.

A few examples-
I still do not know all the roads by heart. Forget the places I’ve never visited, or visted relatively less number or times, I’m talking about the roads on which I’ve commuted for more than a ..umm.. 1000 times at aleast? Drop me at some junction which is just a few minutes walk from where I shopped/hung out with friends for years, and I wouldn’t know if I should take an auto or walk down. I’m not exaggerating, this exact same thing happened to me yesterday.

How about my sense of direction in general? Poorer than this. I have to always go ‘East-West-North-South’ to determine South if you asked me. My brain cannot process the fact that South is always behind my back, no matter where I face. You tell me once where the sea is, and then turn me around and make me face some other direction and then ask me the same question. Chances are, I’ll give a wrong answer.

I can never tell which side, right or left, will the station be when I get down the train I’ve taken all these years when I go home. Agreed, I go home after long gaps, but any dummy would know his right from his left in around 6 years I believe.

To most people this comes as naturally as knowing A is first alphabet and Z is the last, and there are quite a few people I know who seem to have inbuilt compasses in their heads- “Oh, I think we’ll just take the first two lefts, then a right, and yet another left and then 200 m down the road, on the right hand side, is the house of our best friend where we’ve partied everyweekend for the past one year.” Of course.

It’s not something to joke about , though, it can be a big pain. I’m always clueless about where I’m heading if left on my own. I can never remember the paths, have to rely on the rick-drivers to take me to my destination.. I have do not know which side will be the platform, even when it’s the same station I’ve always boarded my train from for years.

Oh what the hell, I’d rather pay the rickshaw-walla a couple of more tenners for taking me the longer way rather than trust my instinct and take that short-cut which I’ve take a million times before with friends.

Look before you leap, for what you sow is what you reap!

Do you believe in Karma? That you reap what you sow? That things go round and round in a circle, and you arrive at the same point where you started towards the end of your life? Well, the last one was for the dramatic effect, but I do believe in the first two. There are a plenty of incidents which I could attribute to the work of Karma. Like, how do you explain this terrible hairfall problem that so many women(including yours truly) face? Dandruff? Think again mate, a stronger force is at work. It’s Karma. Consider this scenario- You see a woman with a long silky flowly mane(say, your roommate), and you get jealous. Naturally. What do you do? You go tell her that the shampoo she’s using is rumoured to have been loaded with harmful chemicals, which could very well lead to frizzled hair. She’s alarmed, changes the shampoo and bam! She gets dandruff. And then, her mane is not the same again.
Maybe you didn’t intend to be the ‘root’ cause of this tragic loss of hers, but believe me, Karma is gonna get you for this one. And so, if you end up with a similar fate, don’t blame dandruff, blame your past actions.(just so you know, it’s not me I’m talking about! Duh.)

I think every single thing that happens to you can be explained by this Karma logic. Like stomach ache(you subjected some poor soul to your cooking), heartache(you’d broken someone’s heart long back), failing in exam(you didn’t help your neighbour cheat in 8th standard), your maid stealing your ration bit by bit(the way you used to steal money from your parents’ wallets whenever you could.. smartly of course).. the list is endless.

So these days, I’m living my life very cautiously. I’m making sure I don’t give my Karma a chance to, say, give me a pimple, just because I lent my roommate a cream that ruined her flawless skin. And in case you’re wondering what made me think of posting this extremely enlightening post today, I’ll give you a hint: I missed out on a large box of Ferrero Rochers today. Now keep figuring!

I love you? I hate you?

This post is dedicated to the (current) love of my life- my GPRS. It’s been a while since I’ve been wanting to write something to tell the world how indebted I am to this cute little technology( cute?? Yeah, I’m a girl. I like and use this word a lot, especially when I don’t know the apt adjective). But, but, but.. it’s not all sunny in our relationship these days. It’s more like, let’s say, someone’s relation with their wife, after 20 years of marriage- can’t live with her, can’t live without her. There have been n number of times when my GPRS activated phone(Cool phone +cool phone’s cable+GPRS= complete package) has helped me show-off, saved my life, made me happy and made me proud. To elucidate:

Saved my life- How do I even list all the times when my handy net connection helped me meet crucial deadlines! Remember my bus post? Another example is all those times I had to fill some form online and didn’t want to go to cyber cafes in order to avoid using credit card on public computers. Who saved my ass the time the last day for a particular exam was a few hours later? GPRS.

Made me proud- Our relationship started 4 years ago when I was still in college, and since we were in an economically challenged hostel, which was WI-FIless, I was one of the first few people to show the prudence of getting my GPRS connection activated. It was an instant hit. I remember girls from a 100 rooms flocking my place just so they could check their Orkut scraps or upload a pic, or do something equally trivial. They were generous in praising my decision that helped make their lives so colorful 😉

Made me happy- This is so obvious, you have net handy anywhere you go. That’s bound to make you happy.

Helped me show-off – This is one of my favorites. One day I was in lecture and in the 2nd row at that, when I decided to check my mail. My neighbor(one of the toppers of the class) couldn’t help asking-‘what you doing?’
My reply- ‘Nothing, just checking my mail, you know. GPRS’
Her look- priceless 😉
Reason for her look- she thought I was a hopeless engineer to-be. Actually, she was right, but the whole GPRS espisode made her change her attitude towards me.

Alright, this was all about the good part. But it ain’t so rosy rosy these days. Apparently our relationship has hit rock bottom of late. There hasn’t been a single day when I don’t curse my fragile net connection at least 10 times. I don’t like it when I’m screaming in frustration or cussing, but seriously, I haven’t much choice. The cons-

Betrayal- The same GPRS that helped me meet deadlines of various online exams is proving to be a big hindrance these days. Been trying to fill that darned form for days now, but everytime I fill all those thousands of details and click ‘next’ – yep, you guessed right- the ‘web page cannot be displayed’. What the *beep*! Twice today I tried to make that extremely essential online payment(190$ at that, no joke), and twice after filling all the card details and clicking ‘submit’, I got a ‘page cannot be found’. I almost got a heart attack. Luckily, both the payments were not processed. Gonna find an alternative to my comp as well as the cyber cafe soon. Hmm.

Moodiness- I thought only females were moody. Or is this applicable to non-living things as well? Is GPRS a female non-living thing? Heck, just imagine the thing’s temper nowadays, it refuses to be up in the first place! Yes sir, no GPRS connectivity for you today, and thus begins my endless calling to the service providers, reprimanding them for such an undependable service.

Speed- Really slow. Period. Probably the only thing slower in the world is a snail whose ass is on fire. Or me, when I (pretend to) jog. Er.. you get the point.

Acting pricey- Literally. I agree it’s pretty cheap compared to the various broadband options around, but seriosuly, a 333 bucks per month for a few KBPs speed without any scope of any kind of downloads(’cause of the speed, not because you can’t d/l on GPRS), and absoultely no dependability is quite a wastage of money.

In case you’re wondering why I STILL use GPRS, I don’t have a permanent address for the time being and as I mentioned in one of my earlier posts, I keep changing flats more often than not.

So you see, I’m confused about our love-hate relationship at the moment. Maybe GPRS IS my old wife who I can’t live with or without.

What is your mobile number? WWW. ?

Disclaimer: I love my parents and this post is NOT making fun of them. I’m just stating facts.

With the authority of being my parents’ kid(yes, I’ll always be their kid, 24 or 42), and let’s say, due to the pent up frustration from my last visit home, I’m taking the liberty of sharing the following facts about my parents’ technological know-how. Now, I’m a short tempered software engineer, and I desperately want my parents to gain some basic knowledge in computers and mobiles. No, I’m not asking them to remember the comp’s configurations(probably ’cause I don’t remember them myself 😀 ), nor am I asking them to download songs and softwares on their cellphones(not tuff for us, but wayyy tuff for them). I’m just simply asking them to get technology literate. I want them to understand what amazing creations the computers are and how the distances reduce immensely once you use your cellphones.
Just listing a few memories from the years gone by..

It was a 3-4 summers back when my mom and dad finally found the courage to get themselves a cell-phone. Being hardcore medicos, the part of their brains that is responsible for gadget-handling is as small as that of my brain responsible for cooking. Sample this-

— Ma didn’t venture near the comp when we first bought it, for quite sometime. She wouldn’t even dust the comp, or its vicinity. When finally after years we convinced her to start learning the basics of operating a comp, this is what her learning record was-
First, I tought her how to switch on, shut down and turn off the UPS. I left. Bro got home a few months later, tought her the on,off thing again and left. Then I got home a few months later. Repeat. This continued for the next two years.
After nearly 3 years, she’s not even confident of the on-off thing anymore. And she’s back to the not-venturing-near-the-comp routine. Last I saw, the comp was covered in dust.

— This time I went home, I took my laptop with me and dad finally showed some interest in exploring it out. He was amazed to see the screen get brighter when I connected the adapter.

— Dad: Beta, please create an email id for either one of us. We will need to start using the mail facility.
Me(thoroughly amazed and proud): Sure, mom’s account already exists.
*Tell him the id(xyz) and password*
Dad(after a full 3 minuted silence): So we just go and type ‘’, right?
Me: Um.. no dad, see, it’s an email account. You need to give both id and password.
Dad: What is a password?
This last question came when I’d already given him a 30 minute info on websites, emails, passwords et al this time when I’d gone home. I should have known better then.

— Mom finally learnt how to use her cellphone to make/receive calls and send SMSes. But before she became the pro she is(*cough!*), she would be majorly confused about anything that remotely sounded like an SMS. Sample this:

Ma: I sent you the email. You got it?
Me: Huh? What email?
Ma: You know, you told me to send you one from my mobile for practice?
Me(pulling her leg): Ah, that.. no I didn’t receive it. What ID did you send it to?
Ma(confused): I sent it on your mobile number.
Me: Come on Ma, you don’t send an email from your mobile to a phone number!
Ma: Okay, so what should I have typed? www. ?
Me: *speechless*

These are but a few examples of what I have to endure every 6 months when I go home and start their training anew. But you know, Ma’s finally finding her way around the mobile thing. Now she makes calls, send SMSes and stuff. My proudest moment?- When she forwarded, I repeat, forwarded, an SMS JOKE to me. Maybe my hard work of years is gonna pay someday 🙂