Green no more…

The virtual world never ceases to amaze me. For more than a decade, I’ve been getting pleasantly surprised by the potential uses of this space that are endless, and so, so incredible. I owe the internet many great things that’ve happened to me, ย and (only) a very few bad memories. But what the net gave me today is so special, yet so simple, I’m sure I’ll smile every single time looking back at this particular day- dil ke taar hila diye yaar ๐Ÿ™‚

It’s almost as if by some supra mundane power’s influence, on this fateful day of August 5th, I’ve found a reason to look forward to living the coming months in that teen-like glee. Suddenly, things are falling into place, and I’m feeling more certain than ever that the clouds are going to part soon. Of course, there’s always an off-chance that things might not turn out the way at all I’m expecting them too, but then, I’ll never regret feeling so relieved, so excited, so unsure of the final outcome and yet being so unusually optimistic.

All sounds like riddle right now, I’m sure. I’m myself dying to see how this mystery unfolds. To all those people whose life is much simpler and devoid of suspense- I don’t envy you ๐Ÿ˜‰

Happy New Year and all that jazz..

So.. been almost 3 days after the big eve thingy.. how’s it goin y’all? Resolutions and stuff? Gonna try and do a few things and try and not do a few things? Me? Dunno.. kinda unsure. Was thinking of the following resolutions on the New Year’s eve, but had the intuition that I wouldn’t follow ’em anyway, so cancelled the plan. And boy, was I right in doing so or what! Read on to find out how-

1) No procrastion. Have already delayed my first New Year’s post by 3 days.
2) Be more proactive. Called up a couple of friends today after receiving their hurt messages- “How come you didn’t even wish me!:( “
3) Be more health-conscious. Subway sandwich was the closest I got to this in the last 3 days.
4) Ensure a brighter future, career-wise. Called up dad and cried and asked him to marry me off to the next rich and hansum dood he spots next.
5) Take German language test within one week. Haven’t gotten beyond – ‘Iche heisse Beatnik’, yet.
6) No wasting time/money/energy on crappy movies. Umm.. let’s go to the next point.
7) Read less(no, seriously! The way I read.. it can screw my eyes). Bought a fresh batch of chick-lits today from Crossword.
8) Stop obsessing(about things in general). I was sooper hysterical about my expanding bottoms, dearth of money(it’s never enough anyway), not-yet-long-enough hair, and a bleak everythingwise-future today.
9) Do not be cynical anymore. Huh, what’s so great about the New Year anyway? It’s just a time to buy new calendar.
10) Do not post anything negative about yourself. This post will give you an idea of what I was trying not to do, but had the insight on the New Year’s that I would do it anyway, so decided against trying to not do it, and thus, did it, making my insight correct in the end.

Yeah, so, Happy New Year and all that, people.

When the star came down..

Let me tell you a very enlightening story about one of God’s angels.
On this same day, exactly 24 winters ago, God decided to send one of his favourite messengers to Earth, for he knew that people here needed her more than He himself did. He told his precious- “My child, you shall warm up the hearts of those who have the luck of knowing you, you shall bring joy to those distressed, your face will chase away the darkness that abounds this little planet these days, and you shall do deeds great and kind. You, Oh Beatnik, shall be the Destiny’s child.”
With those words, my Father sent me down here, today, exactly 24 years ago. And though I haven’t really accomplished any of those great tasks that He primarily sent me down here for, I still am the Destiny’s child.

*All those dummies who STILL don’t get it- wish me!! :P*