Saddle up!

Now, my love for fitness *cough* is well- known to those close to me. They just.. know me. Therefore, most of them (and when I say most, I mean two. And when I say two, I’m essentially saying my mom…), very ‘casually’, asked me to whatsapp them the pic of the spinning bike I had recently bought.

So I sent them a pic of me on the bike. And don’t ask me how I took that photo- selfie is an art long lost to me. I have not taken a single one in the past 5 years (barring this one) if you can believe it. So anyway, the whole point of this post is that I’m LOVING spinning!

And I’ve never been happier to have been blessed by a.. er.. well-nourished posterior. It has saved me many a callus and the moolah I’d otherwise have to spend on buying padded pants! And the Chroma TV  (worth only 11k) I bought a couple of years ago at the acme of my stingy phase, has returned every paisa I spent on it, and then some. I mean, watching Comedy Central while leaking sweat like a hose-pipe is nothing short of a blessing for this non-runner.

Long winding statements aside, this is finally THE exercise I unknowingly had been waiting for, all these years. Not the treadmill, not the zumba, not even the ‘shawaasan’.. spinning is the clear winner in my case.

And now, it’s always ‘just 1 more kilometer’ or ‘just 10 more mins’ every day. And the high the 10-km mark gives me?- only tea comes close to being so euphoria-inducing!

It doesn’t matter how long it take for the pounds to melt off, I’ve finally made my peace with exercise.

I’d send you that pic too, if you were on my whatsapp.




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