Back. Once again.


– My hair’s 3 inches longer

– My body’s at least 6 kgs heavier

– My eye-sight is now 6/6

– I’ve started disliking my job, but liking this Bangalore city (finally)

– About 150 people on my Facebook friend-list have either gotten engaged, or married, or become parents (many- all three)

– I’ve lost a lot of friends due to my basic ‘lazy’ nature of not keeping in touch. AND, gained some new in turn due to my general likeability (ahem)

– That’s it

Yes, that’s it. Nothing else seems to have changed/improved in my life in the last 2 and half years of my disappearance from the blogosphere (Except one, which is too secret and rather painful to write down just yet, so I’ll pretend it never happened).

Now that I’m back (let’s see for how long this time), I must confess the first thing I realized was how incredibly depressing my blog theme was! Misty Look my foot, it just looked like a suicide point from where I’m sitting. Now now, it’s not like I’m back to being ‘happy and shiny’ (thanks, Grey’s Anatomy) like I used to be a few years ago, but man am I a mule! Really stubborn to wanting to be happy and shiny and hence, this promise to you my dear readers (all 0 of you), that this blog will never see another ‘heavy’ and preachy and emo post ever again.

This is me just warming up. I’ll be back soon.

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