Fear of the crash…

I’m living in a perpetual fear of the ‘crash’. Last time my comp crashed, it took it 2 months and a few thousand bucks to come back to the ‘alive, but barely’ state. And just 10 minutes back, when it just blacked-out again, I almost cried. And very strangely, the first thought that came to my mind was, (no, not the pending assignment) “How will I complete my NaBlo challenge now!” Yep, in all honesty, I’m trying my best to see, at least THIS time, the challenge through.

Funny thing, the second thought that came to my mind was, (again, not of the pending assignment!) “I should plant a tree.” As weirdly plain as that. The only plausible explanation of this seriously arbitrary bit of thought is the sapling I saw a half hour back when I went to the classroom for some work. But really, did it impact my sub-conscious so much that during a crunch situation like the one I just faced, it would be the second thought to cross my mind?


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