Green no more…

The virtual world never ceases to amaze me. For more than a decade, I’ve been getting pleasantly surprised by the potential uses of this space that are endless, and so, so incredible. I owe the internet many great things that’ve happened to me,  and (only) a very few bad memories. But what the net gave me today is so special, yet so simple, I’m sure I’ll smile every single time looking back at this particular day- dil ke taar hila diye yaar 🙂

It’s almost as if by some supra mundane power’s influence, on this fateful day of August 5th, I’ve found a reason to look forward to living the coming months in that teen-like glee. Suddenly, things are falling into place, and I’m feeling more certain than ever that the clouds are going to part soon. Of course, there’s always an off-chance that things might not turn out the way at all I’m expecting them too, but then, I’ll never regret feeling so relieved, so excited, so unsure of the final outcome and yet being so unusually optimistic.

All sounds like riddle right now, I’m sure. I’m myself dying to see how this mystery unfolds. To all those people whose life is much simpler and devoid of suspense- I don’t envy you 😉

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