This short post is dedicated to ‘Exo’- my green colored liquid ‘dish shine’, that cost me only 19 bucks when I’d bought it a year ago and is still one-third left. It has, time and again, come to my tea-mug’s rescue and has helped clean its bacteria/yeast/mould/whatever infected, stale, frozen, tea/coffee remnants with incredible effectiveness.

For time is the luxury I can’t afford, being an MBA student and all that (COUGH! Sorry, allergy), it so happens at times(read, MOST times), that I just can’t finish all the tea and have to postpone the mug cleaning to a later day. Usually, that later ‘day’ becomes ‘week’, and then ‘weeks’ and then.. you know, ‘things’ grow in the mug. But for Exo, I’d have thrown all those mugs out.

You’re my lean, green, disgusting froth killing machine, Exo! May you clean my mess up for as long as you live!


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