The Bucket-List

After two months of lying in coma, my poor laptop’s come back home to mama. How I spent these two months, looking at my comatose darling all these days, taking it to doctors all over the town, waiting for weeks on end to hear from them about my poor baby’s prospects of revival- no one will ever know. To add insult to injury, I had to resort to taking help from others, friends, nonetheless, but still, others. The days of self-sufficiency seemed so distant, my morale had never been lower; I’d never been more on someone else’s mercy like I had everyday, for the last two months.

Though the tough times are past, and I get to hold my sweetheart in my arms again, I can’t dismiss this nagging fear that the tumor will grow back. And if it does, this time it might be malignant. Time’s always too short to take it for granted. And therefore, I’ve started making a list of all those things my lappy-poo and I will be doing together till a motherboard crash does us apart. From now on, whatever little or more time we have left together, I will make sure we’re always together, doing great things together.

I’m making the bucket-list, for my laptop.

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