Thanks, but no thanks.

The irony is, you seldom acknowledge and appreciate the people and things that are ALWAYS there for you; it’s those people and things that you don’t expect to happen to you that leave their mark.

The goodness of the constants in your life pales in comparison to the shock/present surprise value of the ‘new’ things.

The  ‘you’re awesome’ from a close friend is just blah; a ‘you’re passable’ from a stranger is the best compliment ever.

How wrong is it, to give in to the temptation of belittling all the genuineness of the known people while lapping up a fake/half-hearted/perhaps true compliment from the stranger? And how easy it is then, to thank these always-have-been-there-and-always-will-be-there people from heart, EVERY SINGLE TIME?

I’m still trying to figure out the answers, ’cause I’m the ‘you’ here.

2 thoughts on “Thanks, but no thanks.

  1. That is so damn true..Why does it happen this way when we cater to someone,give importance to someone and that someone doesn’t find it unique and special? Why do we not give importance to the obvious stuffs about our lives?? That is really something to ponder upon, and by the way I really liked the quality of your writing..

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