The Ultimatum.

The thing most heartbreaking is not failures, not separations, nor global warming. It’s watching the most pathetic celluloid adaption of your most beloved books/anime series. Mere (extremely disappointing) reviews of some such movies have affected my ‘impressionable young mind’ indescribably, and have left me heartbroken even when I have not watched these movies myself. How could I, after all, when I am still recuperating from the bad review induced heartbreak? When I’m still nursing my near-fatal injuries inflicted upon by these horrific adaptations, when I’m still trying to soothe my wounded heart and giving it hope in vain? As if the Twilight series wasn’t a kick in my face hard enough, M. Night Fuckin’ Shyamalan comes along and spoils my second most favorite anime series of all times- The Last Airbender. No, I’ve NOT seen it, I’m not reviewing it. I don’t have the heart to. Not after the disastrous casting I came to know of through IMDB. Really? Dev Patel as Zuko? Really?? I can’t go on talking about this could-have-been-as-awesome-if-not-more ‘movie’. Do the world a favor, M. Night Fuckin’ Shyamalan, go die. Slowly and painfully.

I’m without hope these days. I’m distraught. I’m the damsel in severe distress, waiting for my k’night’ in shining armor, aka ‘Inception’ to come along this weekend and save me. But if someone as much as tries making a non-animated Naruto movie AND doesn’t do it justice, don’t think even ‘Inception’ kind of movies can do damage control and then ‘someone’s gonna get a hurt real bad’. You know what, oh M. Night Fuckin’ Shyamalans of the world? Don’t even dare try touching my Naruto-kun.

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