Your Memory Remains..

One of my dearest friends passed away today, Oct 21, 2009, in a bike accident. A part of me died with him. I’m just letting words pour out the way these tears are pouring..

Here’s a final ode to you dearest one, from your Shu.


It’s almost funny how we met the first time

I’d spotted you in a hall-full of crowd

And yes, I’d seen only a pic of your on Orkut before

You were so shocked to know, and I was so proud!


Remember when you fell ill in Mysore?

I’d given you a chocolate to make you feel better

You gave me that trademark blank look and didn’t even share

But it’s ok, since you gave a lot more chocs later


And remember all those bike rides in Pune?

I was your permanent pillion

Even though you scared me with your driving skills at times

Sitting on your bike was always fun


You had such faith in me, it was incredible

You let me drive your bike even when I didn’t know how to

And you told me never to tell your other best friend D

‘Cause when he wanted to touch your bike, he’d not been allowed to


You remember that meal you cooked me that Diwali?

It was awesome, and I was jealous you were the better cook

And all those times you beat me in Boggle?

I wanted to tear off those pages right off the notebook


You won, I lost

You won, I lost

The Diwali Meal you cooked

The Diwali Meal you cooked


Then one day you gave away your dearest possession

Your Boggle set, to me on my birthday

I hated you then for it

And I hate you for it even today


Your boggle.. now safe with me

Your boggle.. now safe with me

And then things fell apart, our lives changed

I left ’cause I had to

But every time I pretended not to care

I was only wishing the best for you


Every time you asked me, ‘Are you alright, Shu?’

I’d think, What’s your problem, just let me be!

But you wouldn’t,  and would pester me to share my sorrows with you

Come back now, I’m so sad today.. can’t you see?


Can’t you see from up there? Please come back now, Vishnu…

I miss you so much 😥


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