Voila! Mission meme accomplished

This is the first time I’ve taken up a meme. When I read Tia’s post, I thought, why not take up the challenge myself? Memes are the best cure for a writer’s block as well. And then, she assigned me a V.

Quick trivia: Did you know that V is an English alphabet, and that there are words, REAL words, that start with a ‘V’ as well?
The last time I used a V was way back in kindergarten.

Anyhow. Can’t back out now. So well, here are 10 things starting with a V that I love. Or like, as the case maybe. In no particular order-

1) Victory: No, not the Hurman S Baweja dud, silly. The original ‘V’ for Victory I’m talking about. Success, triumph. (Thank God for KG 😀 )

2) Variety: I’ve an ADD. I can’t concentrate on things that get all repetitive and boring for long. (Okay, I don’t HAVE an ADD per se, but I still can’t put up with monotony!)
3)Valiance: What a turn on. And you don’t necessarily have to battle the lion to win my heart, the courage to follow your heart is more than enough.

*4) Voodoo: Nope, doesn’t fall in the ‘I love’ category yet, though I would love to try it out and poke a couple of a-holes with the biggest needles possible.
*5) Vermins? Viruses? V-day? Ugh! These are on my hate list. Focus, woman!
4) VCDs: Movies, music, wedding CDs.. anything. I love VCDs. The free ones obviously. I don’t invest in CDs, duh. But I love to receive them for gifts and stack up my gifted CD rack.

5) Venice: 10 years ago it was right there on the top my ‘dream Honeymoon spots’; the list has been revised and re-revised since then, but Venice is still a dream get-away.

6) Violet: The color, the flowers. See, I’m so not girly!
7) VFX: Seriously, what would the world be without some visual effects!
8) Vocab: I’m a sucker for words. A guy with an extended vocab can have me in his pockets!
9) Van Helsing: No,actually, I meant Hugh Jackman, but unfortunately his name doesn’t begin with a V. Cut me some slack now. I got a V for Chrissake!
10) Vodka: ‘nuff said.

Now, try this challenge out, peeps. Don’t ask me to assign you a letter, though. I’m a sadist, I’ll give you a Z or an X for sure.

2 thoughts on “Voila! Mission meme accomplished

  1. according to wikipedia – U and V were the same. Once the letters ‘u’ and ‘v’ were established as separate letters, ‘v’ preceded ‘u’ in the alphabet; in modern times, this order has been reversed.

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