When the star came down..

Let me tell you a very enlightening story about one of God’s angels.
On this same day, exactly 24 winters ago, God decided to send one of his favourite messengers to Earth, for he knew that people here needed her more than He himself did. He told his precious- “My child, you shall warm up the hearts of those who have the luck of knowing you, you shall bring joy to those distressed, your face will chase away the darkness that abounds this little planet these days, and you shall do deeds great and kind. You, Oh Beatnik, shall be the Destiny’s child.”
With those words, my Father sent me down here, today, exactly 24 years ago. And though I haven’t really accomplished any of those great tasks that He primarily sent me down here for, I still am the Destiny’s child.

*All those dummies who STILL don’t get it- wish me!! :P*

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