Look before you leap, for what you sow is what you reap!

Do you believe in Karma? That you reap what you sow? That things go round and round in a circle, and you arrive at the same point where you started towards the end of your life? Well, the last one was for the dramatic effect, but I do believe in the first two. There are a plenty of incidents which I could attribute to the work of Karma. Like, how do you explain this terrible hairfall problem that so many women(including yours truly) face? Dandruff? Think again mate, a stronger force is at work. It’s Karma. Consider this scenario- You see a woman with a long silky flowly mane(say, your roommate), and you get jealous. Naturally. What do you do? You go tell her that the shampoo she’s using is rumoured to have been loaded with harmful chemicals, which could very well lead to frizzled hair. She’s alarmed, changes the shampoo and bam! She gets dandruff. And then, her mane is not the same again.
Maybe you didn’t intend to be the ‘root’ cause of this tragic loss of hers, but believe me, Karma is gonna get you for this one. And so, if you end up with a similar fate, don’t blame dandruff, blame your past actions.(just so you know, it’s not me I’m talking about! Duh.)

I think every single thing that happens to you can be explained by this Karma logic. Like stomach ache(you subjected some poor soul to your cooking), heartache(you’d broken someone’s heart long back), failing in exam(you didn’t help your neighbour cheat in 8th standard), your maid stealing your ration bit by bit(the way you used to steal money from your parents’ wallets whenever you could.. smartly of course).. the list is endless.

So these days, I’m living my life very cautiously. I’m making sure I don’t give my Karma a chance to, say, give me a pimple, just because I lent my roommate a cream that ruined her flawless skin. And in case you’re wondering what made me think of posting this extremely enlightening post today, I’ll give you a hint: I missed out on a large box of Ferrero Rochers today. Now keep figuring!

One thought on “Look before you leap, for what you sow is what you reap!

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