What is your mobile number? WWW. ?

Disclaimer: I love my parents and this post is NOT making fun of them. I’m just stating facts.

With the authority of being my parents’ kid(yes, I’ll always be their kid, 24 or 42), and let’s say, due to the pent up frustration from my last visit home, I’m taking the liberty of sharing the following facts about my parents’ technological know-how. Now, I’m a short tempered software engineer, and I desperately want my parents to gain some basic knowledge in computers and mobiles. No, I’m not asking them to remember the comp’s configurations(probably ’cause I don’t remember them myself 😀 ), nor am I asking them to download songs and softwares on their cellphones(not tuff for us, but wayyy tuff for them). I’m just simply asking them to get technology literate. I want them to understand what amazing creations the computers are and how the distances reduce immensely once you use your cellphones.
Just listing a few memories from the years gone by..

It was a 3-4 summers back when my mom and dad finally found the courage to get themselves a cell-phone. Being hardcore medicos, the part of their brains that is responsible for gadget-handling is as small as that of my brain responsible for cooking. Sample this-

— Ma didn’t venture near the comp when we first bought it, for quite sometime. She wouldn’t even dust the comp, or its vicinity. When finally after years we convinced her to start learning the basics of operating a comp, this is what her learning record was-
First, I tought her how to switch on, shut down and turn off the UPS. I left. Bro got home a few months later, tought her the on,off thing again and left. Then I got home a few months later. Repeat. This continued for the next two years.
After nearly 3 years, she’s not even confident of the on-off thing anymore. And she’s back to the not-venturing-near-the-comp routine. Last I saw, the comp was covered in dust.

— This time I went home, I took my laptop with me and dad finally showed some interest in exploring it out. He was amazed to see the screen get brighter when I connected the adapter.

— Dad: Beta, please create an email id for either one of us. We will need to start using the mail facility.
Me(thoroughly amazed and proud): Sure, mom’s account already exists.
*Tell him the id(xyz) and password*
Dad(after a full 3 minuted silence): So we just go and type ‘www.xyz.com’, right?
Me: Um.. no dad, see, it’s an email account. You need to give both id and password.
Dad: What is a password?
This last question came when I’d already given him a 30 minute info on websites, emails, passwords et al this time when I’d gone home. I should have known better then.

— Mom finally learnt how to use her cellphone to make/receive calls and send SMSes. But before she became the pro she is(*cough!*), she would be majorly confused about anything that remotely sounded like an SMS. Sample this:

Ma: I sent you the email. You got it?
Me: Huh? What email?
Ma: You know, you told me to send you one from my mobile for practice?
Me(pulling her leg): Ah, that.. no I didn’t receive it. What ID did you send it to?
Ma(confused): I sent it on your mobile number.
Me: Come on Ma, you don’t send an email from your mobile to a phone number!
Ma: Okay, so what should I have typed? www. ?
Me: *speechless*

These are but a few examples of what I have to endure every 6 months when I go home and start their training anew. But you know, Ma’s finally finding her way around the mobile thing. Now she makes calls, send SMSes and stuff. My proudest moment?- When she forwarded, I repeat, forwarded, an SMS JOKE to me. Maybe my hard work of years is gonna pay someday 🙂

4 thoughts on “What is your mobile number? WWW. ?

  1. One question.
    How on Earth do you find the time to update your blog daily?
    I slog my ass all day/half-the-night long in my company. Darn.

    But it’s fun reading your blog. Your writing is funny, crisp, structured [a feat in the female world] and has an after effect attached to it, you know, like a pint of beer.

    Read all your posts, waiting for your daily update.

    Keep writing.

    By the way, about the post, I have taught my parents everything except checking out the history files for obvious reasons.

  2. I have my dad’s first successful comprehend able msg stored in my inbox . 😀 that was just last week he achieved it.
    So far,he can send an e-mail, receive an e-mail , send a msg. read a message. store a number.
    P.S : I know their mail -id’s n pwds coz i created them 😀

    @virus – does the send a e-mail , receive e-mail etc ring a bell? 😛
    History files.. rotflmao!!

  3. @virus: First of all, thank you! And secondly, congrats! You read all(?) my posts and survived and even managed to leave some nice words! Hehe.
    Okay seriously, I blog everyday because I HAVE to, ’cause of this NaBloPoMo thing. It had kinda become difficult to keep up initially(I even posted about it), but now I’m doing just fine..enjoying it rather 🙂

    @Divs: Your dad is a step ahead, but my mom is getting there. Bro is going home in a couple of days 😉
    Also, I’m not sure what exactly you are hinting at to Virus, but am getting ideas now. And dirty ones. Er.. yeah, so your dad can store numbers as well, huh?

  4. OK I admit that I am clueless about ur “NaBloPoMo” thing, but I guess digging deep into ur blog will yield some results..I try reading all the blogs, but it’s usually three at a go!

    hehe..can totally identify with what u described right here..my parents seem to be getting there, mobile literacy wise, but I still get msgs like “when are you comingfjewjbe”..oh well, u cant have it all, I guess

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