I love you? I hate you?

This post is dedicated to the (current) love of my life- my GPRS. It’s been a while since I’ve been wanting to write something to tell the world how indebted I am to this cute little technology( cute?? Yeah, I’m a girl. I like and use this word a lot, especially when I don’t know the apt adjective). But, but, but.. it’s not all sunny in our relationship these days. It’s more like, let’s say, someone’s relation with their wife, after 20 years of marriage- can’t live with her, can’t live without her. There have been n number of times when my GPRS activated phone(Cool phone +cool phone’s cable+GPRS= complete package) has helped me show-off, saved my life, made me happy and made me proud. To elucidate:

Saved my life- How do I even list all the times when my handy net connection helped me meet crucial deadlines! Remember my bus post? Another example is all those times I had to fill some form online and didn’t want to go to cyber cafes in order to avoid using credit card on public computers. Who saved my ass the time the last day for a particular exam was a few hours later? GPRS.

Made me proud- Our relationship started 4 years ago when I was still in college, and since we were in an economically challenged hostel, which was WI-FIless, I was one of the first few people to show the prudence of getting my GPRS connection activated. It was an instant hit. I remember girls from a 100 rooms flocking my place just so they could check their Orkut scraps or upload a pic, or do something equally trivial. They were generous in praising my decision that helped make their lives so colorful 😉

Made me happy- This is so obvious, you have net handy anywhere you go. That’s bound to make you happy.

Helped me show-off – This is one of my favorites. One day I was in lecture and in the 2nd row at that, when I decided to check my mail. My neighbor(one of the toppers of the class) couldn’t help asking-‘what you doing?’
My reply- ‘Nothing, just checking my mail, you know. GPRS’
Her look- priceless 😉
Reason for her look- she thought I was a hopeless engineer to-be. Actually, she was right, but the whole GPRS espisode made her change her attitude towards me.

Alright, this was all about the good part. But it ain’t so rosy rosy these days. Apparently our relationship has hit rock bottom of late. There hasn’t been a single day when I don’t curse my fragile net connection at least 10 times. I don’t like it when I’m screaming in frustration or cussing, but seriously, I haven’t much choice. The cons-

Betrayal- The same GPRS that helped me meet deadlines of various online exams is proving to be a big hindrance these days. Been trying to fill that darned form for days now, but everytime I fill all those thousands of details and click ‘next’ – yep, you guessed right- the ‘web page cannot be displayed’. What the *beep*! Twice today I tried to make that extremely essential online payment(190$ at that, no joke), and twice after filling all the card details and clicking ‘submit’, I got a ‘page cannot be found’. I almost got a heart attack. Luckily, both the payments were not processed. Gonna find an alternative to my comp as well as the cyber cafe soon. Hmm.

Moodiness- I thought only females were moody. Or is this applicable to non-living things as well? Is GPRS a female non-living thing? Heck, just imagine the thing’s temper nowadays, it refuses to be up in the first place! Yes sir, no GPRS connectivity for you today, and thus begins my endless calling to the service providers, reprimanding them for such an undependable service.

Speed- Really slow. Period. Probably the only thing slower in the world is a snail whose ass is on fire. Or me, when I (pretend to) jog. Er.. you get the point.

Acting pricey- Literally. I agree it’s pretty cheap compared to the various broadband options around, but seriosuly, a 333 bucks per month for a few KBPs speed without any scope of any kind of downloads(’cause of the speed, not because you can’t d/l on GPRS), and absoultely no dependability is quite a wastage of money.

In case you’re wondering why I STILL use GPRS, I don’t have a permanent address for the time being and as I mentioned in one of my earlier posts, I keep changing flats more often than not.

So you see, I’m confused about our love-hate relationship at the moment. Maybe GPRS IS my old wife who I can’t live with or without.

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