Of friends and eggs

I’m missing my best friend a lot today. This is for you VJ, although you’ll never read it I know.

That was six summers ago when we first met
We were poles apart and still
It took us only 4 days to become friends
And I knew you were special

You were loud and insanse
I would just keep quiet and listen
But your words filled my heart with joy
And I knew you were special

We went shopping together and we went for movies
We’d be up during exams wrapped in shawls on cold November nights
And you’d come to me and tell me I’d do well on the test
And I knew you were special

We would go everyday to that little tea shop
And make fun of all the guys around
You loved tea as much as I did
And I knew you were special

We always wore lenses when going out
Even when no one would look at us
You’d let me borrow you cool new clothes
And I knew you were special

For four years we were together
And we fought only once during this time
It was you who came to make up for it
And I knew you were special

Then you found your soulmate, your love
And you drifted away from me
But you’d still call me everynight we couldn’t meet
And I knew you were special

You flew away to another land and left me far behind
You got a new life and never called
Except for my birthday that year, but when you did
I knew you were special

I missed you my friend all the months we didn’t talk
You were the sister I never had
And after months when you called me one day to cry your heart out
I knew you were special

I want you to know my friend
I spend every day thinking of you
Everytime a relationship goes sour at my end
I know why you were so special

Because even if we don’t talk for months
Or don’t see each other in years
You’ll always be my best friend, my dearest
I know you’ll always be special, very special

On a lighter note…

When I used to hear people say, ‘I can’t even boil eggs’, I used to wonder what their IQs must be. Until today. My IQ is 129(according to Facebook), and I can’t boil eggs. And no, before you jump to conclusions, I’m(finally) comfortable with the whole cooking thing. I can cook, not only to survive, but also to fill others’ stomach(when in dire need of course), and at times, I surprise myself by cooking absolutely delectable items. But there was one thing I’d never tried in my life before today- boiling eggs. I mean, it may sound like the easiest thing to know, almost as natural as say, boiling water, but it isn’t! How does one know when an egg is boiled? Seriously. Everytime I think I’ve boiled them enough, I end up having a half boiled egg in my cup, with its gooey stuff on my hands and the egg finally in the dustbin. I tried timing the boiling even, but somehow it’s never enough for the new sets of eggs. I don’t even what happens when you overboil the eggs, so I’m afraid of attempting that. I read somewhere that hard boiled eggs should not be eaten(do you die if you do?). Oh, what the hell. Them stupid eggs are on the stove once more, and I’ll stop eating eggs from now on if these don’t boil right today.

5 thoughts on “Of friends and eggs

  1. Preparing maggie is the toughest thing in the world. Trust me, it’s not as easy as it seems. I say it is an art form to prepare that one bowl of *really* delicious noodles.

  2. hardboiled eggs shouldnt take more than 7-8 minutes. and there is nothign wrong with eating them hard-boiled. you won’t die!
    and over-boiling them wont do anything horrible to them. if u wanna be sure u have boiled them way beyond the gooey stage, wait till most of the water in the bowl has evaporated away….

  3. @virus – 😛 dust that kitchen of yours will ya! 😛

    @beatnik – 😀 i’ve sometimes cracked open a half boiled egg 😦 now i use the formula.. Let it overcook. 😀

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