There ain’t no money plant in my house, yo!

The cheapsters join the club! Have you ever been so stingy, that you made yourself cringe in disgust but at the same time made you want to pat yourself on the back for accomplishing something truly out of this world? Well, I haven’t. Because I do not own a purse to pull it’s strings together tighter everytime there’s a danger of spending involved. On the contrary, my money lies loose everywhere so that it’s easy to reach for- on the couch near the door so that I can easily pay the pizza guy when he graces my house with this presence(which is almost every other day), on the bed where I like to kill time stacking all my cards(debit/credit/membership cards) and play some newly invented ‘money game’ with them, in my almirah drawer which is technically there to provide safe-keeping of my money, but which is never locked. Then there are my jeans and jacket pockets which almost everytime I put my hands inside them, return me with a heavy monetory surprise. Okay, I lost track of what I way saying. Yeah, something about being cheap.

The whole point of the above non-understandable ranting is that I am not stingy. Far from it, but there are times, very rare though, that I feel like indulging myself in certain activities that’ll make my resume look rather different and interesting. I mean who would like to hear about another shoppaholic girl, right? So, I’m just trying to compile a list of things I’ve done so far in my miserable little life that can be counted as my personal best acheivements in the field of penny-pinching. Here goes-

1) I cooked for an entire month once when the money was tight. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Nope, no order-ins, no maggis, nothing.
2) I went without reading a single real book for around 2 months. All this while, only PDFs which my kind cousin mailed me.
3) Bought only ONE-yep a solitary, single, lone- top for my birthday.
4) Went for an entire month without making a single international call from my mobile. And only 10 SMSes.
5) Lied to a group of friends about not being in town when there was a plan to throw a surprise party for someone. I didn’t want to pull in for the party.
6) Ran away to another town last year on my birthday so that I wouldn’t have to give people a birthday treat at that obscenely expensive restaurant they wanted.
7) Got only 2 streaks of hair colored instead of the whole crown in a bid to save money. Had to walk almost 2 kms in order to find the only salon in town offering this facility of ‘pay according to the number of streaks’.
8) I haven’t changed my glasses in the last 2 years. Not even the frame, or the lenses.
9) Used to go for the early morning 9 am show for animated movies when in college to save money.
10) Going to do just that tomorrow after almost 2 years. There’s a 8:45 am show of the movie that released today and I will be saving 50-70 bucks by waking up a few hours early tomorrow.

So, how do you compare?

2 thoughts on “There ain’t no money plant in my house, yo!

  1. Russel Peters says that we Indian are shameless cheap asses and we are proud of it. I second him.

    That was a list I could almost relate.

    Used to go for the early morning 9 am show for animated movies when in college to save money.

    We have three 160GB, one 250GB and one 750GB HDDs. Every frickin’ kilobyte of it is filled with movies and TV episodes. I can’t remember the last time I spent money for a multiplex ticket. What more? We don’t even have a internet connection back home. Soem other guy downloads the list we create and distribute monthly.

  2. Damn.. this is cheaper than my whole list combined!
    But really, if you’re a true movie buff like moi, you’d understand the need of going to multiplexes once in a while. Animated movies just ain’t the same on small screen- and that’s one thing I can’t compromise on.

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