So, what just happened?

Has it ever happened to you that you woke up one day and realized that you aren’t you anymore? That things aren’t the same with you and that you can hardly recognize yourself? Well, I’m a victim of this paranormal phenomenon, and trust me, it’s very bewildering. The whole list of differences between the me a year before, and the me now-
1) I’ve gotten super obsessive about cleaning, a la Monica Geller. I mean, maybe a tad less than that, but obsessive nonetheless. Around 10 years back, my father had reprimanded me for my messed room saying, ‘even dogs clean the area where they’re about to sit’.. it did hurt then, but not so much as to change me completely some 10 years down the line. In fact, I didn’t realize how obsessive I’d gotten of late till I found myself cleaning every single dish(that was already washed), both for daily use, and on display shelf. I must have washed some 70 dishes in one day, alongwith cleaning all the glass tables, windows etc, AND wiping all the woodwork with some special spray I had at my disposal. I dusted and I mopped and I broomed and I grumbled all this while about how unclean my parents were!
2) I developed an interest in cooking. Till late last year, all I wanted to enter the kitchen was for preparing my daily 3-4 cups of tea. But one day suddenly out of the blue, I just decided I wanted to prepare a wholesome dinner for my roommate and me, and was in the kitchen for hours together working like a professional chef. The surprise factor? I’d never prepared a meal before, but it turned out to be excellento.
3) I started sleeping less. And by less I mean, less than my compulsory 8-9 hours every day. Till last year, I would sleep everynight for an average of 9 hours on workdays and more on weekends. And now, I hardly sleep for 6-7 hours everyday, come what may.
4) And this is the one that stands out. Yesterday, the whole of yesterday, I went without tea. Yes, not one cup for more than 24 hours. And if you cannot understand the gravity of this situation, try going without air for more than 3 minutes. This is how my tea is important to me. And the reason why I’m stressing this point so much is because only today did I remember that I didn’t have tea yesterday!

All the above changes in me call for serious contemplation on my part. The only possible explanations I can think of are-
a) I was abducted by some aliens who conducted experiments on me and who, before sending me back to earth and in a bid to erase my memory, also messed up the part of my brain thereby changing my basic personality, or
b) I fell down, hit my head, got partial amnesia or something, and now I’m living a new life.

I would have listed a third possibility of a split personality, but the fact that I still watch endless movies and read novels like insane and hate tomotoes and onions, rules out this option. So, the question remains unanswered- what just happened?!

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