Yeah, you got engaged my friend, so what?

Just got back from my friend’s engagement. Can’t believe we’ve all grown up.. it was only yesterday that we’d met up for the first time in hostel, and suddenly it’s 6 years laters now. When we were still in college, we used to imgaine a whole lot of things- getting a boyfriend, getting good grades, getting a high-paying job, going abroad.. so many things.. but there was one thing we could never imagine, visualize rather, and that was this- getting all grown up and getting engaged and getting married and all that. We were always young and silly at heart, and we always will be. Getting older doesn’t necessarily mean getting wiser/maturer/soberer(er..). And it definitely doesn’t mean getting distanced from your friends.
I asked my friend M, whose engagement it was-‘how do you feel finally?’ She said, ‘nothing. The feeling’s not sunk in, and I dunno how long it’ll take to sink in.’ The same’s the case with all of us. It didn’t feel like an engagement party of one of us, instead it could’ve been another free dinner treat, and we couldn’t bother less. We were still cracking silly jokes, pulling each other’s legs on the same topics we used to do so way back in college, and basically, just taking it easy.
Maybe things will get more serious when we all get married, or maybe not even then. I hope it’s the latter. I KNOW it’s going to be the latter. No matter how many people enter our lives, the friends that we made 6 years ago will always remain close and special. It’s lovely to have some bonds like these.

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