Grumbling all the way

ife is so frickin’ unfair right now. You know what all is wrong with my life? Here goes:
1) I have a major headache. Took med 2 hours back, no sign of things getting better anytime soon.
2) My roomie has suddenly gotten hard of hearing. She’s watching TV at full volume, and my repeated pleas of turning it down a bit aren’t working. And she’s watching a show I’m hating.
3) I wasn’t at all remotely hungry when I went out with friends, even when I watched them hogging. But now, ‘soon as I got back home to an empty kitchen, I’m suddenly famished.
4) I have to be at a close buddy’s engagement tomorrow and I have nothing to wear. And no, it ain’t another typical girlie physocology(where we never have any clothes to wear anyway).. I honestly don’t have any traditional attire befitting the occasion.
5) I have a 1000 bucks gift voucher for Lifestyle, and the collection there sucks right now. I have 750 bucks voucher for NUN, and the collection there sucks too.
6) I have to yet to start with my novel for NaNoWriMo, and the idea I initially had panned out really badly. So gotta think of a new plot AND finish 50,000 words in the next 3 weeks.
7) I haven’t been able to get my hand on the CD of Step Up 1 even after 10 tries in about 4 different rentals.
8) The noise is making my ears bleed.
9) The hunger is making me very irritable.
10) The ‘L’ key of my keyboard is getting stuck.

ife is so unfair right now.

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