I salute thy spirit, human!

So, yesterday was very hard on the poor NaBloPoMo participant that is me. You see, I was travelling the whole day, and that too by BUS. 24 hours of bus journey carrying my laptop and my purse which is more like a rucksack. All the 3 of us had to share just one seat! The mere aniticipation of such journeys(though they are rare) makes me break in cold sweat. And yesterday, I had to more than mere sit on the bus and wait for the journey to end- I had to blog.

I reminded myself, we humans can acheive more than we can ever imagine. There have always been firsts- the first time a human landed on moon, the first time a human unfurled a flag on Mt. Everest, so on and so forth. So take this day as an opportunity to do a ‘first’ yourself- blogging for the first time when on the bus while trying to adjust everyone(bag, laptop and myself) on one small chair AND trying to connect using the fragile GPRS connection. I am truly grateful for this technology called GPRS, and am especially grateful to my dad for buying me a kewl phone that supports this technology. But there are times when things get tough, despite these technological advancements. I mean, how can your GPRS enabled phone let you connect to the internet when there is no signal? Or when the cable connecting the phone to the comp comes loose every 5 mins because there is no place to keep the phone properly? Or simply ’cause there are higher powers around you that plain don’t want you to acheive your target of one blog per day? All these and more were the odds I braved yesterday. And I emerged a winner. After 5 tries to post an entry, I finally managed to do so with a mere half an hour remaining before the date changed officially.
This was not my victory people.. this was OUR victory- the victory of the unrelenting human soul.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank an angel for the role he played in my success- my bus conductor. If it were not for his unparalleled chivalrous gesture, I would not have got 2 seats for the price of one. He must’ve sensed the misery that had befallen me and so, for the noble soul he was, didn’t let anyone occupy the seat beside mine- “It’s ladies’ seat, sir”! (Fortunately for me, no more ladies were around to claim it). And so, the young woman, her laptop and her ridiculously oversized purse internetted happily for the rest of the night.
The end.

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