Old wine in new bottle-1

Interpretation: Old posts in new blog.
Yeah, something just reminded me today of my old blog which I had ruthlessly abandoned after leaving college. At the risk of sounding immodest(which I very much am anyway), I found quite a few posts there pretty interesting. Hehe. Now that these award-winnable posts never got any recognition during the older days, I’m gonna copy-paste them here in the hope of making them more, er, recognized? (of course, since my present blog is the most popular thing on the net right now, with it even being voted a ‘Blog of Note’). Whatever. There were some fond memories which were rotting away in that older blog, so I’m simply gonna dust away the layers of dirt on them, and bring them here, all new and shiny.
Not gonna edit anything, not doing any spell-check either.

1) The treat (aka Parte~)
Sunday, April 09, 2006

went to yet another treat last night..although my frenz prefer me callin it a ‘parte~’.It was another one of those placements treats, that I simply detest attending. No, no, the reason is definitely not another severe bout of irrational insanity(afterall, you get free food there), and definitely not jealousy. Its just that such treats are organised(?) at the 11th hr, with time enough only to put on your lone unwrinkled top and make a dash towards the rick.So, it happened yet again last night. Me was blissfully orkutting, and simlutaneously playing tissue paper for a hapless friend, while my roomie storms in and roars- ” Get your ever expanding bottoms outta that chair, we’ve got a treat to go to.” While am still trying to absorb her words, i find myslef being literally dragged outta the chair, and pleading with her to atleast lemme bid adieu to my chat friend. But to no avail.Anyway, I franctically look at my bed, in the despearate hope to find one decent top that aint black in color (“wear something more feminine in my party, or dont come..”). What the heck, it’s easier to borrow.Finally, we split the whole gang into groups of 3, and reach the venue, still mad at the other 2 rickshaw partners, for supposedly having hogged all the space in there.”Nandu’s” is a great parantha joint, no doubt.. but I’d have preferred some place wherein I wouldnt feel full even before beginning to order. Then began our ordeal with the ordering part.. while everyone mouths “kya khaoon”, am the only one who goes “kya kya khaoon”! This is precisely the problem in eating out with your girlfriends. They never eat, while you end up looking like some malnourished kid from the hunger-stricken land of Somalia, who hasnt eaten in weeks.And another problem is the kinda hullaballoo these girls create at such public places, which not only scares the coochie-coo couples away, but also incurs the wrath of the poor waiter. “Please try and not upturn the table”, “Please order in one go, and not call me another 100 times”, “Do you at all wish to order”, “Are you done yet”…et al.But the paranthas no doubt are yummy. And filling, for a change. As much as the seemingly one tonne of butter spread onto the rounder-than-my-face parantha made me go week in my knees, for others, it was sheer torture. (one girl even went to the length of proposing a ban on the fattening butters and ghees- “I’d aimed to get a boyfriend atleast this sem!” ).All in all, if something compares to ‘maa ke haath ka parantha’, it’s Nandu’s.
(p.s: had to skip today’s lunch cuz of last night’s dinner. Pure sin!)

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