Games children play

So, I finally bought that little gameboard for my teeny cousins for a present. Now I’d been planning to gift them something worthwhile, for as long as I can remember. But the problem earlier was, they were too young. And whatever the little guy gets, the elder sister wants the same for herself, plus her own gift. So this time, when they’re finally ‘old’ enough(3 and 4), I went ahead and bought that perfect present. Fine, perfect by my standards. I mean, who doesn’t love a gameboard! And not just another Snakes and Ladders-cum-Ludo gameboard, but that fancy one, wherein you’re given cute and multi-coloured dies and have all those adventurous break-points(er, whatever they are called!). Something like, you have been bitten by the lovebug, go back to the starting point and stay there ’cause now you’re good-for-nothing. you get the drift. Maybe it was nostalgia of playing such games endlessly with all my brothers, sisters, friends, neighbours, their relatives et al, that gave me the go.
I’ve no idea how the kids will manage, surely my aunt will have to work extra hours to make sure there’s no ruckus, but hell, I’m sure I’ll immortalized as the fun Di.
I’m a sucker for indoor games, both cards and board games. Give me a pack of cards, and I can while away endless hours, just playing Solitaire or inventing some stupid games where I always win. So this time, when I was at the toys’ section at Landmark, I finally bought something for myself that I’d always wanted- Uno. Yeah, I’m sure every soul on this planet has atleast once encountered that fun game, but me. I vividly remember, we never had Uno cards at home. Every attempt of getting ma buy me a pack was futile that time ’cause she badly wanted my brother and I to engage ourselves in outdoor activities. So, my brother found himself an outdoor activity- he would go out to his friend’s place every evening and enjoy hours of Uno. Obviously I was never welcome. But the loving brother that he was, he always made sure I knew what an amazing fun game it was. That was more than 15 years ago. And suddenly a week back, I stumbled upon this very pack- Uno. Wow. All red and stuff. Now I don’t really have a company at home, willing to ‘waste’ their precious time over a stupid round of cards. Do I care? Bah! I play it all by myself, thank you very much. And guess what, I never lose a game.
I also love word-games. You know, the ones played on comp. There’s this amazing game called Boggle(most of you should be knowing). I’m not really the best player around, but what the hell, I am a dedicated one, and that’s all that matters. Okay, winning at times feels nice too, but if that can’t be managed, one should make do with the being dedicated part. Anyway, so I remember, at my previous job, after we ended up getting illegal internet connection, I devoted myself to the cause of the word-game whole-heartedly. I mean, the mere mortals would spend hours and hours on chatting, or mailing or googling and such. But I, instead of this, spent hours and hours honing my skill with words. Not that I ever came close to even getting into the top 10 in that online game, but sure as hell I helped enlighten those mortals(mentioned above), and led to the development of the EBA(EPDB Boggle Association). So now, earlier when people used to run to the loo every half an hour, and take coffee breaks every 2 hours, I ensured the team remained rooted firmly to their seats. There were many unforeseen advantages of this. First, there was an increased sense of healthy competition(though I could always hear a ‘got you ‘f***er!’ or a ‘i’m going to beat the s**t out of you in the next game’ from the neighbouring cubicle) in the team. Second, my manager discovered profound sense of relief since the teammates were no longer gossiping about him(that’s what he thought!) over a cuppa. Third, we were all finally getting those language lessons we ought to have got way back in kindergarten(DM- ‘What the hell are you doing Dumbass! Type M A I L’ .
PR-‘ I was gonna type that after M A L E’.
DM- ‘What the hell is that??’
Me- ‘*beep* *beep*’)
Last but not the least, the guys leant some decency. They would never spell S*X or its derivates whenever I was around.

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