The Olympic Redemption?

So, big day for India today. 2 medals in Olympics(1 bronze and another ensured medal), alongwith the win against Sri Lanka in cricket. The media went berserk(afterall, they got some ‘real’ news to broadcast after quite a wait), which was totally welcome(for a change!). As opposed to Abhinav Bindra, the guy who got us the FIRST individual gold in the country’s history at the Olympics, the guys who did us proud today(Sushil Kumar and Vijayendar Singh) come from a very humble(to put it mildly) background. And the sad-but-true thing is, all these 3 wins have come along after eons of waiting. In fact, the medals won for shooting and boxing are the first ever for the country, while the medal in wrestling came along after a painful 56 years. This primarily is the reason for country’s elation, rather, euphoria. All these years we kept on complaining, cursing the system, casting doubts on the players’ efforts, et al.. and kept coming up with theories explaining the below par performance of India at the games, despite its having a potential 1 billion sportspersons. A lot has been said and done in the past, but finally, maybe the country has embarked on a journey that will only bring fruitful results in the future.
Here’s wishing luck.. to us all.
These 3 guys have made the country proud, paved way for and encouraged the other promising young men and women to do their bit in the coming years, and well, truly deserve all the attention, all the crores of rupees of awards(also the promotion!) and the larger than life treatment. Big thank you to all the 3 of you!
Take a bow, guys!

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