When insomnia creeps in..

What do you do when you don’t want time to fly as fast as it does? You don’t sleep. Or atleast, ‘I’ don’t sleep. Yeah, I’ve suddenly discovered this very effective way of delaying the dawn of a new day..stay up all night. I mean, that’s almost 7 extra hours to each day..whole lotta time to ponder over life’s cruelties, no?
Anyway, it’s not really recommended if you need to stay sane through the day though. Otherwise, you’ll be practically a zombie, a very hungry zombie. The hungry part is really true.. The way I eat when am up all night.. man, it’s scary as hell. And funny. If you can, try picturizing a very much awake young girl(who’s been up all night), reading the newspaper peacefully in the living room till her mom gets up at 7..and on finally spotting her mom, cries-‘Mom, breakfast!’ lol
But it’s happened, it’s very much true. And it makes for a good blogging material. Ah, it’s 5 now.. good morning!


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