Whatta scare!

Hehe.. okay, it ain’t as bad as it sounds, but I just had a good scare some 15 mins back. Right around 3:00(am), as I was wondering what to blog about next, I heard a scream from somewhere nearby. And some bikes screeching some 5 mins later. Now, my parents are sleeping upstairs, and I’m all alone on the ground floor.. with my extra strong imagination. So, a scare is what i got. But, but,but. As it turned out 10 mins after it all started(after my parents joined me in peeping through the window), some guy had tried to break in the house right next to ours, had fled when the owners woke up in time, but was caught almost immediately.
Awesome πŸ˜€
I mean, I’d even changed into my pajamas from my wrap around(just in case I needed to run πŸ˜€ ), was wondering who to call first in case of some emergency and all.. but well, the story ended in 10 mins flat. Some anti-climax, this. Guess am glad it was the neighbour’s house, though!

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