Random Ramblings

Ah..feels good to be back on the blogger circuit after a long hiatus. It’s difficult to write you know, if you get the blogger’s block. Anyway, I’m back, and that’s what matters.
So, I’m home after almost a whole year, although for only a few more days(alas!)
It’s surprising how used to I’ve gotten of staying away from family in all these years..so much so that, being with them now makes me claustrophobic. Yeah, that’s exactly how it feels, being with around those 8-10 people, who ironically, matter the most to me. Festivals are a time that I dread, nowadays. It spells doom both ways- if I’m celebrating with family, it makes me feel suffocated. If without them, I crave their company. Weird, but then life always is so.
I wonder if 8 years away from home(starting at a young age), has taken its toll on my sanity you know.. I want home and hearth, but I don’t really want it. Argh!

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