Saddle up!

Now, my love for fitness *cough* is well- known to those close to me. They just.. know me. Therefore, most of them (and when I say most, I mean two. And when I say two, I’m essentially saying my mom…), very ‘casually’, asked me to whatsapp them the pic of the spinning bike I had recently bought.

So I sent them a pic of me on the bike. And don’t ask me how I took that photo- selfie is an art long lost to me. I have not taken a single one in the past 5 years (barring this one) if you can believe it. So anyway, the whole point of this post is that I’m LOVING spinning!

And I’ve never been happier to have been blessed by a.. er.. well-nourished posterior. It has saved me many a callus and the moolah I’d otherwise have to spend on buying padded pants! And the Chroma TV  (worth only 11k) I bought a couple of years ago at the acme of my stingy phase, has returned every paisa I spent on it, and then some. I mean, watching Comedy Central while leaking sweat like a hose-pipe is nothing short of a blessing for this non-runner.

Long winding statements aside, this is finally THE exercise I unknowingly had been waiting for, all these years. Not the treadmill, not the zumba, not even the ‘shawaasan’.. spinning is the clear winner in my case.

And now, it’s always ‘just 1 more kilometer’ or ‘just 10 more mins’ every day. And the high the 10-km mark gives me?- only tea comes close to being so euphoria-inducing!

It doesn’t matter how long it take for the pounds to melt off, I’ve finally made my peace with exercise.

I’d send you that pic too, if you were on my whatsapp.




Back. Once again.


– My hair’s 3 inches longer

– My body’s at least 6 kgs heavier

– My eye-sight is now 6/6

– I’ve started disliking my job, but liking this Bangalore city (finally)

– About 150 people on my Facebook friend-list have either gotten engaged, or married, or become parents (many- all three)

– I’ve lost a lot of friends due to my basic ‘lazy’ nature of not keeping in touch. AND, gained some new in turn due to my general likeability (ahem)

– That’s it

Yes, that’s it. Nothing else seems to have changed/improved in my life in the last 2 and half years of my disappearance from the blogosphere (Except one, which is too secret and rather painful to write down just yet, so I’ll pretend it never happened).

Now that I’m back (let’s see for how long this time), I must confess the first thing I realized was how incredibly depressing my blog theme was! Misty Look my foot, it just looked like a suicide point from where I’m sitting. Now now, it’s not like I’m back to being ‘happy and shiny’ (thanks, Grey’s Anatomy) like I used to be a few years ago, but man am I a mule! Really stubborn to wanting to be happy and shiny and hence, this promise to you my dear readers (all 0 of you), that this blog will never see another ‘heavy’ and preachy and emo post ever again.

This is me just warming up. I’ll be back soon.

Fear of the crash…

I’m living in a perpetual fear of the ‘crash’. Last time my comp crashed, it took it 2 months and a few thousand bucks to come back to the ‘alive, but barely’ state. And just 10 minutes back, when it just blacked-out again, I almost cried. And very strangely, the first thought that came to my mind was, (no, not the pending assignment) “How will I complete my NaBlo challenge now!” Yep, in all honesty, I’m trying my best to see, at least THIS time, the challenge through.

Funny thing, the second thought that came to my mind was, (again, not of the pending assignment!) “I should plant a tree.” As weirdly plain as that. The only plausible explanation of this seriously arbitrary bit of thought is the sapling I saw a half hour back when I went to the classroom for some work. But really, did it impact my sub-conscious so much that during a crunch situation like the one I just faced, it would be the second thought to cross my mind?

Green no more…

The virtual world never ceases to amaze me. For more than a decade, I’ve been getting pleasantly surprised by the potential uses of this space that are endless, and so, so incredible. I owe the internet many great things that’ve happened to me,  and (only) a very few bad memories. But what the net gave me today is so special, yet so simple, I’m sure I’ll smile every single time looking back at this particular day- dil ke taar hila diye yaar 🙂

It’s almost as if by some supra mundane power’s influence, on this fateful day of August 5th, I’ve found a reason to look forward to living the coming months in that teen-like glee. Suddenly, things are falling into place, and I’m feeling more certain than ever that the clouds are going to part soon. Of course, there’s always an off-chance that things might not turn out the way at all I’m expecting them too, but then, I’ll never regret feeling so relieved, so excited, so unsure of the final outcome and yet being so unusually optimistic.

All sounds like riddle right now, I’m sure. I’m myself dying to see how this mystery unfolds. To all those people whose life is much simpler and devoid of suspense- I don’t envy you 😉


This short post is dedicated to ‘Exo’- my green colored liquid ‘dish shine’, that cost me only 19 bucks when I’d bought it a year ago and is still one-third left. It has, time and again, come to my tea-mug’s rescue and has helped clean its bacteria/yeast/mould/whatever infected, stale, frozen, tea/coffee remnants with incredible effectiveness.

For time is the luxury I can’t afford, being an MBA student and all that (COUGH! Sorry, allergy), it so happens at times(read, MOST times), that I just can’t finish all the tea and have to postpone the mug cleaning to a later day. Usually, that later ‘day’ becomes ‘week’, and then ‘weeks’ and then.. you know, ‘things’ grow in the mug. But for Exo, I’d have thrown all those mugs out.

You’re my lean, green, disgusting froth killing machine, Exo! May you clean my mess up for as long as you live!

Feeling Green…

… because:

1. Naruto owns awesomeness, and

2. Hiccup has Toothless

While the only two reasons to live(I can think of) have been divided between these two, isn’t my bitterness justified? EVERYTIME I think about Toothless, I CRY. Have you ever seen a dragon so perfect, that makes you just wanna die on its saddle, while it’s ‘taking you for a ride’? Seriously, I’m ready to sacrifice one limb and my MBA degree if someone can please buy me a dragon so to-die-for. And, er, an iota of Naruto’s awesomeness, perhaps? 😀

Go… Green…

Yep, that’s almost exactly what I told the devil of a bumblebee (“Go die, you green devil!”) who stumbled into our room today evening. As if on cue, it tottered into the loo and died in the commode. Which is when I realized that there were more of its clan members who’d followed my command before I’d even given it, and already gone and drowned themselves into the commode.

Life would have been so much easier if people also paid attention to my ‘Go… green…’ command.